Monday, May 10, 2010

Leg Shaving Affirmation

Do you shave your legs?
Should you shave your legs?
I started shaving my legs back in 1998. We had just bought our house, and I realized between family, buying the house, Cycle Therapy (my old bicycle repair business), and Marble Design, I had hardly spent any time on the bike for the five months of the year.
I shaved my legs as a way of shaming myself onto the bike.
What kind of moron would shave his legs if he wasn't riding a lot?
It worked. I started riding more.
A lot more.
Someone once asked why I shaved my legs and my wife rolled her eyes, and snarkily replied to show of how beautiful they are, pointing out the scars, scrapes and bruises. But my real reasons were clouded.
Yes, I liked the way they looked. I liked the extra 5 minutes in the shower a couple times a week, but was there really a reason other than vanity, and hot water?
This week I was riding at Case. For those who haven't ridden there it is rocks on top of rocks next to rocks around some rocks. There are some trees there too.
While riding some of those rocks I must have brushed my arm against one of the trees and scraped it. Didn't really notice it until I got back to the truck and saw a bloody mess on my fore arm.
A dread lock of arm hair, dried blood, and skin had formed.
I dried washing it out in the shower, but the organic matrix was pretty tough. Finally had to cut it off.
What a messy PITA.
Maybe because they are closer to the ground, my legs seem to take more abuse than my arms. They are in a constant state of abrasion. But they are wash and go. No hair makes keeping them clean easy.
So now I have a reason.


Mookie said...

Shave your forearms too.

the original big ring said...

but don't touch your back hair, chicks dig back hair!