Monday, May 17, 2010

A couple thought about Glocester.

Either Glocester was too short or I didn't try hard enough.
Why you ask?
Because I feel freakin' great today!
My Garmin says the race was less than 13 miles, whereas as EFTA advertised it as 18. I'm sure it was more than 13, but doubt it was 18.
Usually after a race I have a bad night's sleep, indigestion, and I'm completely useless the next day.
Slept great last night, innards weren't twisted in knots, and I went riding tonight.
I had put on a spinny gear in anticipation of beatness, and to get used to it for Winsted, and I felt nothing but fresh. Was way too spinny.
Might have to rethink my gearing for Sunday.


Nathaniel said...

I feel the same way.

Big Bikes said...

I did NOT feel the same way. I felt like I was put in a bag and beaten with pipes.

After the race Rob Stine was asking people if they wanted to go ride, I thought he was nuts!


CB2 said...

School must be taking up too much of your memory; we in fact did put you in a bag and beat you with pipes.