Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There will be profanity in this post

I had my skis in the truck. I told myself stop being so one dimensional and do something other than ride your bike. Then I got an e.mail from Charlie B. The Res was rideable! Charlie is one tough old bird, but if he says it's ride-able, that's good enough for me.

Now skiing is okay. But I'd rather ride my bike. I'd rather ski than watch Price is Right, but not more than looking at porn. So if I can ride, that has got to be the choice.

Riding across my lawn, things seemed promising. Some extra effort, but this might work.

Then I got to the res.

What a cluster fuck.

Where there was fresh virginal powder riding was pretty good. You could cut through to the frozen base and grind it out. Problem was where skiers, hikers, and snowshoes had violated that purity, fucking trampled the trails, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, it was unride-able. What made it so great for riding was also it's weakness; it was too fluffy to compact completely from the other users, so you'd be constantly breaking through and bogging down in semi-stiff, "soft-on" snow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, share the trails, yeah yeah, yeah, but can't we have a little fucking order? Do you have to fuck up everything...for me?!

When I got to the fireroads Charlie was talking about, a truck had actually driven it so it was very easy riding (I don't believe that was the case when Charlie rode it), and probably could have laced together an alright loop, but at that point, I had had about enough.

Probably walked 2 miles.

We'll see if the fixed gear will seem more appealing than skiing.


MMcG said...

Hey at least you weren't working!

CB2 said...

Trust me, I'd rather have been working!

Hill Junkie said...

No doubt some XC skier out their is blogging about those F'n mountain bikers F'n up our ski tracks.

Skiing at Weston near Boston was great tonight. Even jumped into an informal race where I turned myself inside out for 10 minutes.

Big Bikes said...

Snow-riding is such a gamble.
When it's good, it's so good. When it's bad, nothing worse.

Wanna see some sick snow-riding? Watch the
Kalmthout World Cup on Cyclngdirt

So worth it.

CB2 said...

@Doug- The skiers took up the least space, and generally I respect their tracks, unless it's a choice of their tracks or a pricker bush. The snow shoes are the worst; kind of the hummers of Winter trail users. But I bet the feeling is mutual.

@Tom- That video inspired me to ride the snow yesterday. Was going to put skinny 37 mm studded tires on my bike and try and cut through to the base much like the cx riders were doing, but I think that would have only helped where the conditions were at their best.