Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

I spent a little extra time getting my morning work done in the afternoon as to not need to do morning work in the morning in case the forecast was indeed correct and we did get snow.
I also switched Mary Jane back to a freewheeling bike (wah) do to crank problems, and put a rear brake back on her.
5:27 AM, 3 minutes before I wanted to get up, the phone rings, it's an automated call from Lillian's school saying there is no school. Go to the window, and what do my wondering eyes see, but 2 1/2"'s of snow, with more steadily falling.
Awesome king!
I'll get to play in the snow for a couple hours before coming into work!
The only one game, was Charlie B, and by the time we hit it we had about 6" of snow. We rode the street, riding the crown of tire tracks when we could, or through the thick slushy slop on the sides, when a car came by or when we slide off the crown.
We went into Sunset Farms, an upscale neighborhood bordering the res, where between the tree cover and lack of traffic, the riding was much better. We used the paved roads to more easily gain elevation, before heading into the res.
Once inside, we used the fireroads to get up to the fence line and rode the single track back down. We had a momentary scare when a truck pulled up to us; we thought we were going to get a ticket for being in the res when it was closed, but it was just two workers driving around.
As we neared the bottom, the snow had changed to rain and the temperature had risen slightly, making the snow heavy and wet. By the time we got back to Charlie's we were thouroughly soaked and ready for something warm.
But my snow day was over, I'd have clear snow , go to work, and be an adult again, at least for a few hours.

No kickstand needed
Charlie shows how it's done
quick study
How do you like Charlie's snow hub?


Mark said...

Did Charlie forget his Endo Morphs?

James said...

You guys are so cool!

MMcG said...

No Pugsleys??

CB2 said...

Pugsleys? Charlie B is the only one with a Pugsely.
He decided to take it easy on me and ride his Karate Monkey