Monday, December 14, 2009

I guess it's a tradition now

I'd like to say lack of funds and time kept me away from the Ice Weasels, but truth be told, I was afraid of the beer and meat hand ups.
Instead I went with the family to kill a perfectly good Douglas Fir. For the second year in a row, I accidentally left my bike in the back of the truck.
My truck's a pretty decent size and all, but there was no right way to put my family, tree and bike in there.
What to do? What to do?
Here's an idea! Ride the bike home!
Last year I had cross tires and a smaller gear on the Fun Machine, so I took a more direct route on some bike paths and fireroads.
This year it was set up in Winter trim; full fenders, 70" gear, and 25's, so I took the scenic route.
The ride started off well enough. Mid 20's heading into the wind. I kept on telling myself in 20 minutes my face would warm up, and the sting would ease. I was glad I was heading into the wind as I would soon be turning and would only have to deal with a cross wind. Maybe I would I even feel the elusive tail wind I've heard so much about?
James and I have ridden 219 in New Hartford from the North before, and I must say it only sucks slightly less climbing it from the South. I didn't know if the climb was just that stiff or if from riding my mountain bike so much, I had lost my road legs entirely. The climb just sucked that much, because as I began to climb after the Barkhamsted reservoir, I began to get into a rhythm.
All in all it was a fairly enjoyable ride but I must say that's about my limit (2.5 hours) for a road ride below freezing.
But now that I've done it two years in a row it's a tradition, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
Happy children laboring
route home 2008
Route home 2009

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Big Bikes said...


I just want to clarify one thing about the beer and meat hand ups:
the beer and meat were handed up separately, not together, not in a sort of meat and beer cocktail.

That would have been scary.