Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Lighter Shade of Suck

I usually try to keep a fairly optimistic outlook, my wife may disagree with this, but I'd like to think I look on the brighter side of life. I usually have the Mantra of "any ride is a good ride".
That being said today's ride sucked.
It wasn't epic suck, like 80k (that's 50 miles to you and me) into driving rain with temps hovering around freezing, or double catastrophic flats where not only does your spare have a puncture, but the glue in your patch kit is dried out, and your pump explodes. Not to mention even if you could get cell phone coverage out in the middle the woods, your in the middle of the woods, so what good is calling someone about a flat?
No today was just a dull aching suck.
The fun snow of yesterday was now crusty and wet. There would be glimmers of possibilities, that would end in a crunch and a dab.
None of the fireroad were passable, and I became exiled to the "paved loop". I didn't even have a fixed gear to make it the slightest bit interesting. My boots were still wet from going from riding directly to snow blowing in the rain, and with the wind my gloves were just slightly inadequate.
I saw some truck tracks breaking off from the paved loop, that looked like an interesting possibility, but my hopes were dashed once I was on them; the temperature is still too high and they were just a sloppy mess.
So that's it, I share my suck with you, and hope it doesn't rub off.
I think I'll go see my parents tomorrow; even if the riding sucks down there, I'll still have my mom trying to fatten me up.


TJ said...

the only thing that doesn't suck is that its gonna freeze up for Saturday morning's ride which hopefully wont suck.

Rigidnsingle said...

You can get something out of all types of riding. I enjoy a good snow ride/hike every once in a while. Keeps things in perspective.

Manicmtbr said...

So the guy you beat in your regional series just won his age group at CX nats. Not too shabby . . .

CB2 said...

He's phenomenal.
He would have won if he didn't have a bad streak of mechanicals, or if he raced the last race of the series (he skipped it to race cross), but that's racing.