Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calculated Risk

Today when I stepped out of the shop on my way to a repair, I was a little disappointed with the temperature. It was down right comfortable!

The plan was to get about an hour of riding in before dark, but with the mild conditions the trails were probably going to be a sloppy mess. Irresponsible to ride, and really not too much fun.

But with a forecast like this:

I began thinkin' things. Instead of getting 2 short rides in, with one being a sloppy slogfest, how about getting my morning work done in my "before dark ride time", and freeing up a big chunk of daylight for riding on frozen trails tomorrow?

I love this time of year, and these conditions for riding. Everything is frozen solid, ultimate traction, next to zero clean up needed. If you can't "clean it" when it's like this, you have no excuse but yourself.

So I skipped riding today, when I swore I needed to so badly, on the chance that riding tomorrow would be that much better. Was I being a responsible trail patron? Will it turn out to be a case of "A bird (or in this case ride) in the hand is worth two in the bush (or a possibly longer one tomorrow)?

Either way, I've got brand new Ignitors on the Swift, and a proper 52" gear ready for what ever nature has to offer.

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Hill Junkie said...

You wouldn't believe how many times I've been burned by "skip today, double tomorrow" planning. Murphy steps in to make sure I get zero both days. Pop-up meetings often slay best laid plans. I find the greedy algorithm works best: ride when you can. Then work around the minor details like road vs. trail, hammer vs. recovery.