Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shore Leave

Saturday I felt like a death row inmate enjoying his last meal. That's too harsh; more like a sailor on shore leave enjoying his last day, going to every strip joint, and bar before the inevitable.
I was going to have all the fun. I was going to ride every log, every drop, chute and rock at the res.
And so it is, and has come to pass, and now I can ride the trainer, or the roads in another day or so, or xc ski wishing I was mtbing.

A little below 20F, but felt so much nicer than Thursday when it was probably 5 degrees warmer, but there was a 25 mph wind and the air was much drier. If I had a sandwich and another warm bottle, I could have rode all day (Kim wouldn't have been pleased with that).
I snapped this shot to show how perfect the conditions were. Some snow but mostly crunchy and ride-able, and the ground was frozen solid.

Ice will flow and freeze on the best lines.

I was all done taking pictures and realized there wasn't proper product placement. Ah, that's better.

Discovered the "Ninja Chute of Death"; always amazes me when I find a new (to me) features on my home turf.

If you're tearing up the trail as such, maybe consider not riding on them when they're so vulnerable?
While I stopped to get on my soap box, it was another opportunity for some more product placement.

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Manicmtbr said...

We got 20 inches of snow over the weekend!