Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Sunday I was dragging. I had this swell new bike and my legs were dead. I was thinking to myself "how do people race from April thru December without completely imploding"?
Maybe my protein level was low, or maybe it was in anticipation of my afternoon's activities, but I was whipped.
how I spent Sunday afternoon
But today, on this glorious close to 70 degree day, I was renewed. I figured I'd still be sucking wind, but I had legs I hadn't felt in weeks.
When I got home on Sunday, I fried a couple eggs; the smell of eggs came wafting from a house close to the res. during my ride and set off a craving that had to be satiated. Later that day I ate Quinny's PBJ since he was having nothing to do with it (can't waste good food, right?). For my own actual lunch I had a soy burger.
Today, again I had eggs, as well as my usual cereal, and for lunch, lentil bean soup. Maybe my tank was just low and needed to be topped off?
I had planned on jumping on this training program; I had followed a similar diet my junior year in college, but had supplemented it with cigarettes and beer.
Maybe I'm going to actually think about what I put in my body, or rather should I say, what I eat. But I don't know, could lead me down a dark path. One of training plans, intervals, specificity, 4x4's and all sort of math.
Ooh, "shudder"...and this started off about what a great ride I had today!

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