Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friends Racing Cross

Title says it all.
Here's some shot's of the Cheshire Cross race. Looked like a ton of fun. Quinn enjoyed it too, but I think the highlight of the race for him was digging a good sized rock out of the earth by the finish line.

I think if I raced cross, I'd love it too much, which is one of the reasons I don't race cross; I don't need another racing season...but watching it is making me think things!

Some of the back markers in the races didn't look like they were loving it though; looked like the living dead.

Waiting for the 3's start

"The Hill People" or "That noisy costume party" as Quinn called it.

James running after the "Hill People"

James Riding the sand pit
James crossing the line to become State 3's Champion

Singlespeeder in a kilt. He was "almost" able to ride this one hill that everyone was running. I say almost because if there wasn't a geared rider walking it he would have made it.

Jerry racing the 4's

Kerry racing the singlespeed race. A last lap flat robbed him of a podium spot. Next time he'll have is Motobecane as a pit bike.


Mookie said...

It was a great day, really. I remember being huddled over a fire in a barrel last year- probably 20 degrees tops. I wish I could join you guys Friday but of course I have to work as usual.

James said...

I'm sure you could manage to race at least on or 2 local races for next year. You don't even need a cross bike. Doug had cross tires on his ss 29'er. Thanks again for supporting your friends! We really appreciated it!