Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Friday
(death march)

Mountain bikers sometimes have something of a counter culture air about them. Maybe this stems from the hippie origins of the sport, or that they are riding bicycles further offroad then had been previously thought possible. Mountain bikers wanted to stick it to the man. I remember a time when there was a separation between roadies and mountain bikers. Roadies were stuck up snobs, with rules of etiquette. Mountain bikers were free spirits. Roadie were the man.

Well, now every roadie has a mountain bike and vice versa, and we all hold hands singing kumbaya around the campfire (or bs around the chimeneas with microbrews). Who are we going to stick it to? Who's the man?

Linus van Pelt and Charlie Brown knew who the man is.
What better way to stick it to the man than not shopping on the biggest day in retail sales and riding our bikes along the path of one of this countries first rebels who stuck it to the man, Metecom?
Enjoy the same views as he did as he watch Simsbury burn from the Talcott MT ridge. Only in anaerobic debt.

Where: Meet at The West Hartford MDC parking lot on RT 4 / Farmington Ave.
When: Friday, 11/27/2009, 9:00 AM
Route: East side of the Res. thru Res. 6, Pennwood, to Tariffville, possibly into E. Granby
and back.
Pace: If you fall behind, your bike will be stripped of bling and you'll be left to fend for
yourself. Seriously though, its a ride not a race. You'll be riding for 4+ hours or so at
an intermediate pace.
Misc.: Be prepared! Have you bike in proper working order, bring spare tubes, tools,
and enough food and water for the ride. Don't spoil everyones fun breaking down
physically or mechanically (shiite happens, but lets try and avoid it, m'kay?).

Hope to see you there.

As an interesting side note, it turns out the dude who help spark Metecom's War, Josiah Winslow was the nephew of a distant relative of mine.

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