Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Local Knowledge

Usually I wouldn't be terribly excited about working later than I planned, but with the way the building and remodeling market has been, I could have kissed Bobby when he placed a rush order today...but then he probably wouldn't be placing anymore orders (or would he?).

Being pressed for time, it's good to know all the ins and outs of a trail system to get the most out of it in what time you have. For me this was before darkness fell completely.

Another advantage is you can vary your ride to suit the conditions or your state of mind. It was slippy, and the well worn trails and braids were muddy. The whole catch 22 of slick riding starts to play on you; you don't want to go too fast, because it's slippery, but if you aren't carrying enough momentum you're going to be more likely to crash.

Conditions and darkness led to a little fireroad flying to get me back to the truck before nightfall.

Blasting down fireroads got that cross jones going again.

I might have to plead some sort of insanity; if I don't get this cross fever out of my system, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

Now if I can some how sell this, I've got a couple more decisions; What race, and which bike?

Ice Weasels is only $15, but it is far away. But it's at a farm so maybe there is a tractor* there that I can ride on/sit on.

Beer cross is $5 more, but it's closer. The prize list is beer, which doesn't do me any good, but maybe would help me sell it to the Lovely Ms. Kim.

I could race my Singular, or the Fun Machine.

The Singular would be the team way to go, but we'll see if Sam can get to the mail box with my jersey before then.

The Fun Machine is more of a "cross bike", but the fancy Paul Component brake although pretty, kind of blows, and I haven't been very successful at flat free riding it in the cross vein. Although the Fun Machine has taken everything I've thrown at it, it is a 30 year old touring bike, and I'd hate to break it doing something stupid (like racing for beer).

*If it's a Deere, I'll fart in your general direction


Big Bikes said...

The only Deere on the premises is the ride on mower. The tractors are a Kubota back hoe and a vintage Farm All.

You can sit in the Model T truck and pretend to drive it if you want.


Manicmtbr said...

Seriously,I would race the Singular. They are your new sponsor and you should be out showing the bike off at the races. Want to be really punk rock? Get a White T shirt and use black magic marker to create a Singular logo. Or get a plain jersey, cut out some letters forming "Singular" and take it to a seamstress to be sewn on to the jersey.

CB2 said...

I'm all about the IH Thom!

No need for arts and crafts Manic, just recieved "Par Avion" today.
I'll have to post pictures of just how hawt I look kitted out.;-)

Manicmtbr said...

Yeah, my idea was a little ghetto, but it works for the Philly courier contingent racing cross on a fixie, so . . . . Now get your pic on the Singular web site, 'K