Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Different Approach

Last night I tried something different; I rode with my computer in my jersey pocket.

I loved the freedom it provided while riding on a well known loop. I knew approximately how long my ride would be, so I knew I'd be done before complete darkness, but I didn't obsess about how fast or slow I was going.

I just rode.

I pushed as hard as I felt like and enjoyed the ride.

But being the slave to numbers I am there is a fly in the ointment; my computer is less accurate in my pocket then on my stem.

Maybe I can construct some sort of computer burka?


Big Bikes said...

Just do what I used to do about the blinking "hey you, set the time already!" light on that ancient device we called a "VCR." Duct tape right over that bastard.

Rigidnsingle said...

I took the computers off all my bikes years ago(even my road bike)..Life is so much better without the clutter..

Mookie said...

Mount it to the top of your helmet.

James said...

I agree with single. Computers kinda suck.

Manicmtbr said...

I also agree with Single and my name is James too! Computers came off years ago and miles were replaced with smiles! Now I do use a HR monitor from time to time, but even that is only once in a while and it is more just to see what my HR is, as I am not adjusting my workout to see a certain number nor do I even know what the idea number is for me.

CB2 said...

I don't use a HRM anymore, haven't in a couple of years, but I do like to keep track of hours, and miles (more so hours).
I don't know if I could go metrics cold turkey.
Plus my computer is my clock.
(do I sound like a smoker or drinker rationalizing just one more)

Anonymous said...

Mount the computer on your seatpoast if its wired and long enough. You can't see it so it's all good