Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I hate wind.
But some times I love wind.

No, not just when it's a tailwind either.

Being <140 lbs, I'm not exactly the Northern European strongman type. Hills work great for me, long open flats, not so much. I remember praying for a hill before I got to the front of the rotation as big tri-guys drove the pace over 25 mph at the Tour of Litchfield Hills.
When it's 20F out and there's a wind pushing you back, demeaning you, insulting you, bringing you to the brink of tears (don't cry they'll freeze), wind sucks.
When it's in the mid 70's it's not so bad.
The ride home this evening was into a 10 mph headwind. Being so mild, all I had to worry about was staying low and turning over the cranks. But maintain a typical average speed took a bit of aggression.
When I got home I was delightfully wiped out. Depleted.
The wind had turned my mild manor commute into an energy sapping workout. Didn't even have enough left to shave.
Face or legs.

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