Thursday, September 3, 2009

What did I miss?

Was there some sort of National break glass on the road day in the past 7 days?
As I was about to leave work tonight I noticed my rear tire was flat.
Getting to change a flat in the shop is sort of a luxury, I only wish I could have patched the tube, but some how my patch kit was missing from my bag.
Anyways, I pull a nice little sliver of glass out of my Pasela Tourguard. Kind of felt like a guy who gets his girl pregnant while wearing a condom; "But I did use protection!".
Maybe I was more conscious because I just had to repair a flat, and only had a tube with a slow leak if I got another, but my whole route home seemed peppered with broken glass.
Generously peppered.
Like there was a teenage redneck parade from Southington to West Hartford.
Between the glass paranoia and the acrobatics my super sized snack was putting the old GI tract through, kinda spoiled how beautiful the weather was.
But onwards and upwards or some such thing.
Here's to 3 beautiful days of R&R.
Have a blogerific long weekend!

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