Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Want More!

Nassahegan is one of the funnerest local places to ride. Maybe one of the most funnerest places ever.
A healthy amount of climbing, tight, twisty, techy.
But if you skip the area behind the trout hatchery, you only get a 9 mile loop. Now you're asking "why would you skip the section behind the trout hatchery"?
Because it has a few super sick technical descents that I always have to walk, and the last time I rode there, the boys at the hatchery were playing with a shot gun.
So yesterday I went hunting.
Anything that resembled a trail I took.
A couple of times things seemed quite promising; one trail I found had ladder water crossings, and was well crafted, but ended in someones back yard.
One trail was just a short loop to some stunts someone built.
One was just a game trail.
A lot of stop and go backtracking added to break up the flow of one of the best loops on one of the best days.
I should be satisfied, but I want more!
I'll have to start doing 2 loops.

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MMcG said...

I can show you some of the Stone Road trails, but you'll have to be patient and wait for my sorry slow ass.