Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Potpourri

I had a dream last night. I was racing my bike. The course was perfect. Groomed singletrack through a coniferous forest. Kind of like Winding Trails but with hills. I came into the dream with the race in progress. I was in the lead and pulling away. It was a mass start and I got a big enough gap that I was riding alone. The dream fast forwards to waiting in the lodge for results. When they post the results, it turns out I won by a lot, and there was some grumbling about it. I woke up happy. Maybe even happier than when I have a sexy time dream.

I don't think Landmine will go quite like that.

From what "they" say, it's a pretty rugged, technical course, not a lot of climbing, and some pavement. It might rain the day preceding it. How do you pick tires for that?

I thought I had it figured out and put on the Nevegal / Ignitor combo pack. Took them out for a spin and actually cut two climbs out of my ride because they just were not working for me. The Ignitor out back might been ok, but pushing that big ol' Nevegal was killing me. I kept on dropping the pressure in an attempt to make it roll better but to no avail. I believe that was the combination I used at Domnarski Farm (I should write this stuff down) and it worked great, but that course was pretty wet.

So go back to the Race Kings, or split the difference and go Ignitors F&R?
Ignitors would bring me back below 22 lbs. But Race Kings roll sooo nice.
I had this shit figured out with 26" wheels, and the answer was WTB Mutanoraptor 2.4.

I think I obsess about tires as much as some people obsess about gear inches.

I thought the RK's sucked at Norcross, but I doubt they cost me a place.

Anyways, what ever I decide by the end of work is what it's going to be (no compressor at home).

Now maybe if I had the perfect gear, tires and song in my head I could wrassle the top step away from Corner Cycle?

Maybe not.


James said...

I'm sticking with the ignitor up front and python rear.
I'm going with a 34x18. I did some research and checked out some of Parsons gearing from previous LM's. He was running a 58"-59"! and still thought he was spinning at 180 rpm!
The other day I had a dream that I was riding through a tech section with Kevin Hines on my tail. I totally messed up and he just laughed and passed me. Ha Ha.

Big Bikes said...

Don't worry, I'm sweating tires for Sunday too...and the gear inches of course.

I was trying to mount up Bonty XR1s as a test for The VT 50 yesterday but they wouldn't mount, so I'll be going with something slightly more aggressive.

It is actually pouring right now up here. Still don't think it'll be a mud fest though.

CB2 said...

Just got back from a shake down ride w/ Ignitors all around. I rode mostly fireroads, and little rocky rooty singletrack. It was wet but not raining. The Ignitors were perfect for me.
Nothing shook down either, so that was nice too.