Friday, September 25, 2009

Plan "B"

This actually is more plan "A" than "B".

The idea of Monster Cross sounded so appealing, but in practice I think it fell a little short of my expectations.

So what's a boy to do?

Put cross tire on the Fun Machine of course!

The fit on the Fun Machine is drop dead perfect, plus it is the greatest riding bike...EVER!
Which apparently holds true off road as well; at least on fireroads.

Climbing felt much better on it too, and I had a larger gear (39x18 w/ 35's = 59") than on the KM. If I can man up, I have a 17t WI freewheel, but we'll see how I make out with the 18t first.

Descending was a blast; flying with reckless abandon...pftsssss...I'm too used to tubeless!

After I stopped to fix the flat, and continued my descent, I noticed the rear brake was more of a suggestion of braking than an actual brake. Not surprising since it's a 31 year old Shimano 600. I guess I just never noticed how lacking it was since the Fun Machine is usually fixed.

I do have this fancy "bit of kit" I could throw on the front, and put the superior dual pivot out back, but that sounds a little more work than I care to do right now.

Once I was rolling again, with a few extra psi's in the tires, the fun switch got turned up to 11.

I'm planning on doing the next two practice races at Camp Sloper and the race at Riverside Park in Hartford. This might be bad. Bad because I have a feeling I'm going to really love it and need to start racing CX.

Maybe I can sell Kim on beer and cowbells?


MMcG said...

That looks "right" to my eyes!

One thing with KM's and going "monstercross" on them is the super short head tubes. Was it really hard to get whatever bars you were using at the right height for off road drop bar riding?

James said...

Funny, the first time I went out this season on the x bike I double flatted. I've been messing with my psi and I'm up around 45psi. I'd like to be around 42 but cant risk it. I still bottom out a little. I hope you get to do more then a few cross races. I wish I was man enough to stick with one gear.