Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Bye Old Friend

Well, Stumpy we've had a lot of good times, but I can't stand to see you just hanging on a hook anymore. It's with great trepidation that I pass you along. I only hope you'll be appreciated half as much as I feel you are due.

I remember when you were proudly displayed in Southington Bike; the last of the rigid steel Stumpjumpers. I'd go into the shop and gaze at you endlessly, but I resisted, until finally Dave lowered to price to a end of the season blowout (little did he know, I would have paid full price once I had the cash).

So many first for you and I.
First time I cleaned the gasline climb was on our first ride at the reservoir.
First time on the podium was a 5th at WT in 1998 in the Sport 30-39. Probably won my best piece of schwag at that race; a Trek backpack I still use.

First two wins were on you in the singlespeed open. Back before those two victories, I deemed you too heavy to race and bought the Salsa. It was only a tad lighter, and never rode as nice, had a crappy paint job and finally broke.

The day long journeys along the Metacomet ridge, or exploring the hidden gems of MV, it's been quite a trip my friend...

From rigid to hardtail, to rigid again, you were always great.

So good bye old friend, I hope you find the respect and care you deserve in you new home.

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