Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I've been back on the mtb this week.
While this is fun, not being able to commute by bike is kind of a bummer.
I suppose this would be called "training" since I'm riding the mtb to get ready for Hopbrook.

Tuesday I rode the Soma Fixed, because Mary Jane's front brake was kind of funky.
Wednesday I rode Mary Jane, but after foolishly taking some internet advise on fixing my brake, I was riding essentially with just the rear.
So my weekly "training" had not started off ideally to say the least.

Thursday everything was sorted out and I got a good ride in on Mary Jane.

Friday I had the bright idea of converting the Soma back to a freewheeling bike, which went fine, but Saturday I did a good effort on it and now I don't know which bike to race.

Theoretically Mary Jane would be the choice. Lighter, even with a front shock, but I really liked how riding rigid felt again. I'd been riding the Soma all Winter Fixed and rigid, but with snow and cold I doubt I was beating myself up too much. Today I tried to really go as close to race pace as I can without having anyone to race, and the Soma just felt right.


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