Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Legs: Whoa, what are you doing? We just raced yesterday, why are we riding home from work?

Brain: Well, the truck is in the shop and it's a beautiful day.

Arms: Legs, what are you complaining about, we feel way worse than you. Why are we sore after a bike race?

L: Beautiful day my ass, if memory serves there were 3 national champion jerseys in your race.

A: Awh fook! Another hill. Why couldn't you ride one of the perfectly good geared bikes you own?

B: Come on now we're already on the road, lets just get on w/ it. I haven't had time to change the handlebars on the other road bikes and those bars are too narrow.

A: Haven't had time? Is that because you've been busy beating up on us?

L: Tomorrow better be a day off!

A: How do you think we're getting back to work? He's too Irish to have Kim waste gas driving him in.

Guy on a shiny new bike all kitted out passes me at a red light and waits in the crosswalk, under the light, primping and preening...

B: What's this guy doing?

Light changes and kitted out guy fumbles with his pedals

L: Grow up! Just wait for him to clip in and ride off.

B: But you know he's all show and no go, come on guys TT the last 4 miles home.

A. I don't care. It's flat to downhill the rest of the way so I get a free ride; watch the bumps!

L: You effin' pricks! Now we've got to spin @ 150 rpms for 2.5 miles!

B: We're home, now that wasn't so bad.

The next day:

B: Alright, come on, it's time to go.

L: I hope you're not in a hurry, cause we're phoning it in.

A: What they said!

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