Friday, April 10, 2009


4:00 Am the day before a race and I'm awake?
Guess I'll give a quick run down of James and my pre-ride.

Hopbrook is a lot rockier than I remembered, and the technical sections are, well technical. You have the choice of navigating over the rocks or hitting a tree. Some of the descents are pretty tricky too. One I recall is an off-camber gravel drop, another has a steep drop at the edge of the singletrack.

I broke a spoke nipple on my front wheel; I doubt the rockiness is the cause, if anything maybe it accelerated it's demise. I've had a preference for brass nipples lately, they are easier to bring to tension, and this just enforces that.

Then as I was investigating the rattling sound (of a spoke free of the rim due to a broken nipple), I broke my front skewer.

Instead of messing with repairing my race wheel, I'm just going to run my back up front wheel, which has a Nevegal mounted on it. This works out well, because I was seriously questioning my tire choice!

On one of the descents I semi-flatted my rear tire. The Stan's prevented a complete loss, but I think extra is called for.
Shots of Stan's...for all my friends!!!

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James said...

"I'm just going to run my back up front wheel"
This sounds like you are going to run 2 back wheels.
That would be sick.
Watch out for Royce tomorrow.
I guess Parsons is showing up too.