Monday, April 6, 2009

It has been decided...

So it shall be written, that on this the Lord's day April Sixth Two Thousand and Nine, that I shall race the rigid Soma Juice Singlespeed at Hopbrook April Eleventh.

I took it out Saturday and really enjoyed it, felt a little beat up, but never the less.
So Sunday I put a carbon fiber handle bar on for some vibration damping, and the "wheels of Doom" to lighten it up a bit.

Took her for a spin, and although fatigued from the effort on Saturday, put in a pretty decent lap, and actually felt fresher and less beat-up than Saturday.
Pouring over old journal entries trying to find a similar ride in similar conditions, netted me the fact that I was going as good as I ever go with this set up.

I was surprised at this, as I had changed to a 49" gear (from a 52") and felt slow.

So all you CAT 1 40-49 spies reading this top-secret confidential blog, now have the low down of what you're up against.

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James said...

Good choice. Hopbrook has those hills that a smaller gear would make you a bit faster and fresher each lap. Then spin spin spin all the way home.