Friday, May 1, 2009

That's just wrong!

Carbon road cranks on a Surly! Armageddon is coming!

My Raceface Turbines finally bit the dust, and The FSA's were what I had on hand so...

My bottom bracket bearings were click-click-clicking, and a good amount of play had wiggled into the spindle. I either replaced the bearings or put up with that noise, noise, noise, noise!

I hate bike noise.

When I yanked the cranks, it was obvious they would bottom out the next time I put them back on. Done.

The only cranks I had were these, or a alloy pair just like them, in a nod toward juxtapositioning, I chose the carbon.

After much more dicking around, searching for bolts, measuring chainline, staring at the mess that I call a work bench than one could possibly expect changing cranks could take, viola!

They might look out of place, and I can't use smaller than a 34t chainring, but if they work, and arn't costing me any new funds, then they're perfect...and quiet.

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