Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Waiting

Dark damp, and dreary, waiting to race, or rather waiting to wait to race.

After battling a case of the creaks, tearing down my race bike of all it's fancy bits and swapping them to my spare bike, only to realize I had cured no creaking problem by doing so (I believed some saw wielding hack had ruined my bb threads and that was causing the creak); 1/2 hour into pre-riding w/ James the creak was back...and it was angry.

Fortunately, James had had recently suffered a case of the creaks, and found the remedy lied in the freehub. I overhauled mine, and it was creak free on the little test ride I gave it running up the closest steep hill I could find (The grassy slope behind Sedwick Middle School) a few times.

I'm not real happy with how my shock has been feeling lately either. I've been bottoming out a little more than I'd like, but if I add more pressure, I don't like how it feels, and it still bottoms out! I'm going to make one last adjustment to it, if it works, great if not, I can go back to how it was.

After the pre-ride, I couldn't get out of Winsted. Seems they were having some sort of May 16th parade. I ended up having to drive through Riverton to get home!

Not exactly how you want the run up to a race to go, but it is what it is. I just have to shut it off and get down to the business of riding my bike as fast as I can through the woods with some other geezers.

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