Tuesday, May 19, 2009

West and Welaxation

I'm the least structured rider when it comes to "training"; I don't even wear a HRM anymore. Seemed I was just strapping it on and looking at the readings afterwards, saying to myself "Yep, my heart was beating". I let my body and the terrain dictate my workout. After a race I usually try and take it easy for a day or two, and where better to do that than at one of the happiest places on the earth, Pennwood.

Had to be one of those "ten best days of the year" days. Temperature around 70 F, low humidity, a couple of days since the last rain so the trails are firm, with a little tack, yet not dried out.


Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so either; I've never seen so many people at Pennwood on a Weekday, which probably explains why the trails are getting so much wider, and braided.

Enough of the bitching, what a great night for a ride.
Being a recovery ride means I get to play on every rock that looks fun, not that my rigid training schedule prevents that, but sometimes it's just fun to noodle around, enjoying the scenery.

When I got to the chimney, I saw a guy pushing his bike up the fireroad, if you haven't rode Pennwood out to Tarifville, this is a tough climb. I joked "Now go back down and ride it" He told me, he usually makes it but it was his first ride of the year. I let him know I can only make it about 50% of the time. He wished me well and took off towards Pennwood as I shook the remnants of Winsted Woods out of my shoes. When I caught him on the climb to the transfer station, he grunted out "I hate you" between breaths. I thought it best not to let him know I was just taking it easy noodling around.

What was one of the best parts of riding in the home town of Max Creek tonight? No more creaks!
After all the swapping, torquing, and lubing, it seems the creak was just my rear skewer.

Now do I swap everything back to the Karate Monkey, or make it in to the Karate Monster-cross?


James said...

Bring the monkey back!

MMcG said...

head tube is too short on a KM for good monstercross set up. Well in my opinion that is.

CB2 said...
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CB2 said...

I don't know, I've got a negative rise on there now.
I'm starting to become fond of the Soma now too...