Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tire Review: Geax Saguro

In a perfect world where all the singletrack is packed loam, the Saguro's would be an almost perfect tire. A little heavy at over 700 grams, but boy do they roll nice. High volume and a fast tread.

I was loving the Saguro I had put up front on my Soma, the oxymoron race bike, when I decided to go back to rigid, but conditions have been ideal, with just enough precipitation to keep the trails from getting all dry, loose and sandy.

The past couple of days we've had off and on showers to make things a little more interesting. If that wasn't good enough, I decided to put a Saguro on the back too.

Now here in Connecticut, the most slippery conditions next to ice is when the rain stops and the trail slime starts coating all the rocks and roots. When it's actually raining, riding's not so bad, but once the water stops flowing and washing away the slick stuff, watch out!

In these absolute worst conditions, the Geax Saguro's suck.

They are the suckiest sucks to ever suck when conditions suck.

The rear would spin out under pressure climbing, and the front would skitch across the trail when descending. I kept on lowering the pressure, vainly attempting to gain some traction from them, but it was for naught.

I did find out that you can go real low with the pressure and not bottom out. I was down to 17.5 PSI in the front, and 18.5 PSI out back. Sidewalls must be real tough.

Then again, you can't bottom out on roots and rocks when you're sliding across them...

From what I've read, they might be the perfect tires for Singlespeed-A-Polooza, but that's a chance I'm not going to take as Gerry and I fight the battle for the Lanterne Rouge. Not saying the field is stack, but holy shit! The field is stacked!


James said...

I thought the tire name would give it away that it belongs in the desert! What gear are you running for Sunday?

CB2 said...

They were awesome before it rained!I'm going with the good old 52". I read the course is fasst.