Monday, April 22, 2013

WT Fat Tire Classic 2013

Boy, did I miss that!

After a anxious morning trying to busy myself before the first race I'd actually participate in this year (I had paid for 2 already but circumstance prevented me from attending), I made my way over to Winding Trails for the Fat Tire Classic.

The proximity of Winding Trails presents the unique opportunity to actually ride to the race.  Carpe Diem and all that jazz.

After catching up with a few friends, and my parents(!),  Chris was calling us to the line.  Being one of the first races of the season, Winding Trails always has a good turn out; there were about 30 of us in the Junior Geezer Class (Cat1 40-49).

The whistle blows and we're a wrecking ball...and I'm not with out fault.  Brian McInnis and I bang hard  off the line, and going 3 wide into singletrack I find myself bashing through a bush on the inside line.

After that ugliness is done it's Winding Trails at it's best; everyone it just beating their brains out.  No place to rest; full on for 4 laps.  Tasting blood in the back of your throat, not leaving anything on the table.

Last couple laps settled into a carrot / cat /mouse scenario.  Jonathon Tarbox was the carrot, I was the mouse and Scott Hood was the cat.  Chasing Jon and staying in front of Scott kept me going.

Finished 10th on the day, which I'm pretty happy with.  Had a great time pulverizing myself to pulp.

Ben from Gita Sports had very generously offered to let me race the Pinarello Dogma XC, but I decided
make-believe time was over and I should just ride my own bike.

Totally geeking out with numbers, last year Josh Wilcox (winner of this year's Cat 1 SS) was 10% faster than me; this year 3.5%.  Mike (winner of the Cat1 40-49) was 8% faster than me last year; 7% this year.  So progress!

One problem with riding to the race is you then have to ride home from the race!


Syl said...

Great race Charlie! You came flying by like I was standing still. I heard you make some recommendation on crossing the rooty section but all I could hear was something about left and the rest was my heart beat pounding my ear drums!

Fort James said...

Were you on gears or SS?

I am once again going back to a SS. I keep trying gears, but think I finally learned that I need to be on a SS.

CB2 said...

Yeah, I raced SS in my age group. Other than for work, this year has been "gear free".

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