Friday, April 12, 2013

Deep Thoughts

Just riding along...
I was noticing just how developed the once local farmland had become.  Can't really argue wit the farmer selling his land; a man's got to make a living.
I suppose the same can be said for the land owner who sells off a forest for development.
(just how did he/they become the owner of a forest?).

Shaking my head in disgust I realized it's what the majority of people want.
Society is less and less interested in being outside, so a  greater emphasis is put on  their insides.

When everyone spends every waking moment "connected" electronically  (and blogging) , with their faces buried in a screen, who needs outside?

I do.


Chris Underwood said...

Me too.

Jonathan-a.k.a Johnny said...

I appreciate your honest observation. Very true.