Friday, April 5, 2013

Somethings are decided for you.

This what I wanted to race:

But the Rockshox Reba RL went back to Sram for warranty repair.  Sram says I should follow their service intervals more strictly.  I guess since I've only had the fork since October, it was out of service due to undersized air seal o-rings for about a month, off the trail for about 8 weeks due to snow, and only ridden once or twice a week the rest of the time that service interval is a rebuild every 3 or 4 rides.

I built up Blu.2 with a Manitou Minute.
It just didn't feel right.  I know this combo can feel good, but just needed some more dialing.

Before the dialing, I thought I'd deal with a sticky brake caliper.
Disc brake calipers aren't supposed to fizz are they?
Nothing a good bleeding is going to fix.

So there it is.  The choice has been made for me.

Aspasia rigid it is.

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