Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I decided since Aspasia* was so light ("only" 2 pounds heavier than RC's geared HT) I should man up and put a smaller cog on her.  In reality I was just going back to my "regular gear".

As I was ascending "West side to the ridge with all the good stuff" I was beginning to think I had made a mistake.  It was really hard...

and really hot!

You lie Scott Haney.
Sure it might be a beautiful day but I was dying.

I reached the top and began to ride the ridge.  I started feeling a little better now that I was in the trees.

Pushing my bike into the corners, tossing her around (like your sister) , feeling the flow.

When I got home and began my metric geek-athon, my suspicions were confirmed.  It had, at least briefly, reach the mid 90s °F.

Right at the worst possible moment.

Maybe I'm not a total weakling (maybe not).

*why Aspasia?  So much more family friendly than "My Dirty Little Whore"

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