Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Royce

As we were cooling off in the stream after Bikes For Bovines, Royce and I got to talking.
It began innocently enough discussing the lack of modesty of bike racers.

When you first start you are trying to find a secluded spot to get changed, or try to change in your car, or god help you if you think about changing in a port-a-let.

By the end of your first season, you are virtually standing naked in the middle of a parking lot.

The conversation took a turn from there.


"You never talk about poop on your blog" Royce exclaimed.

"I'm sure I've spoke of poop" I retorted.
"Maybe I'll write a post about today's evacuation, it was a double.  I felt empty" I added.
(a regular, health digestive track is essential to peak performance.  Most athletes don't need to give this a lot of thought because generally we eat fairly healthily, and the physical activity moves things along)

But a quick scan of my memory banks yielded a post about such matters less than a month ago, so I guess we're good for another month or so before we have to retouch this topic.

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Bill said...

The only thing that could improve this post is a photo of you feet! Thanks for another round of TMI!