Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Listen to me now and believe me later; It is easier and would be preferable to ride a century with 10k' of climbing on a fixed gear than standing for 10 hours a day on a concrete floor.


I had only planned on working a half day today.  I would unload the van and wrap up any loose ends.  Well, the van got unloaded...
But I was a complete zombie.

I came home planning on riding, but thanks to record breaking rainfall the lawn again needed to be mowed...and I had laundry to do.
I did the responsible mundane, which quickly sent me back to zombieland.

Alas, whoa is me.

I took a shower and walked down the road to get one of them store bought coffees that are all the rage.
I enjoyed my venti (or what ever made up name for large they use) with a shot of espresso and meandered home.

Did some more mundane...

I was blue...

Maybe it was the caffeine, maybe it was the peaks of blue coming through the clouds, but I was somehow reinvigorated.
I couldn't let the remnants of an afternoon off go to waste.

Worried about my lameness, I rode Blüsteel all one by eight-ey.
 Boy did I need that!
Set up as a 1x8 with those big fat fatties, Blüsteel is like a rock-climbing stuffed chair.
So much fun I might have to try and race this thing.


Alby King said...

"It's a good day for the blues"

Alby King said...
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