Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After Irene's wrath sent a derailleur into the spokes of Blusteel, I had to do a lot of "cold working" to get the hanger back in-line.   Not only was the DAG-2 needed but the FFG-2 got to see some action too.

Fast forward and I've decided to make Mary Jane the geared bike and keep the Swift as the SS; it's EBB is just too good to not utilize.

But on Mary Jane's maiden 1x8 ride the shifting was somewhat clunky.  At first I thought maybe the derailleur I was using was bent from it's visit to the spokes.


Turns out Mary Jane likes it rough, because it took a ton of manhandling to align the dropouts, and a frightening amount of twisting to get the hanger in line.
Way the flock out. 

Were they so out of whack from singlespeed or my own "unique" style of riding?
Thankfully they are steel and an take the twisting.  Glad I have the right tools for the job.


Alby King said...

Why, Charlie *can* do the twist

Anonymous said...

I think your problems are due to the gears. Dump 'em!

Muffintop said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who can wrap a deraileur round the spokes - did this last year on the road, a week before Etape Caledonia! Sheared off the derailer from the frame 15 miles in the middle of no-where on a friday morning. The blokie earned major boyfriend points for coming out and driving us back to the 'deen!

Daily Car Reviews said...

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