Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making Lemonade

I was ahead of the game this morning.
I was deceived into thinking it was colder outside than it was by how cold it was in my house, wimped out and drove to work.
At least I would get a good jump on the day by getting to work so early I thought.
And I did...until the motor on the spray booth exhaust fan crapped out.
$536 for a new hazardous location 1hp 115/230 single phase motor, that won't be in until 9:00 AM Friday morning.
I guess that puts production on hold for awhile.
Mrs. CB2 is going away for the weekend, so my day on Friday was being shortened anyways.  Now I won't be able to actually make anything until Columbus Day (good thing I'm not Italian).
But on the bright side it freed up my afternoon to do some deliveries I wasn't sure where I was going to fit in.
It just so happens my last delivery was suspiciously close to Case MT.
I also just happen to have Blüsteel in the back seat of the truck.
For those who haven't been Case is a climby, rocky, technical, New England Mecca.
You can really learn a lot about flow surfing the tops of the rocks.
Blüsteel was kinda being annoyingly noisy.  Making all sorts of geared bike hoopla.
But with a 33x32 low gear I was able to clean the "Dragon's Spine", something I'm not sure if I ever did on 26" wheels with a triple (in my advanced geriatric state, it's hard to remember back that far).

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fabian said...

I must try this Case place! Rock surfing sounds fun.