Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabulous Failure

We didn't make it.
Due to time constraints, excuses and indifference we only made it to the chimney.
 I'm okay with that.
We still got in over 32 miles and 3300' of elevation gain on one of the most perfect days for riding of the year.
Roncari will be there in the future, we'll just have to wear hydration packs if we want to do it before Spring.

James had to high tail it, so naturally Neal gave chase.
This left Neal waiting for our descent.
(all photos from this point on were blatantly stolen off Neal's facebook page)

Why is Doug always blurry?

It wouldn't be a TdT without some sort of tire malfunction, fortunately I only had a burp.
(they say the camera adds 10 pounds; looks like I'm packing a few extra cameras there)


dougyfresh said...

because i'm riding too fast?

(not at that point in the ride)

I did take a great nap that afternoon. Thanks for letting me tag along on another great bicycle ride!

CB2 said...

Letting you?
Glad you could make it!