Thursday, September 29, 2011

Product Review: My Man Purse

I used to keep my tools and the like in a little cell phone case, but I left it on MV, so I need something new.  The price of a Backcountry Research Tülbag was comparable to a generic phone case, so I figured why not?

I must say I'm quite pleased with it.  It's shape is more conducive to fitting my  tüls in and as a super bonus it has a non-slip backing that helps prevent other items, like your mini-pump from jettisoning from your pockets.  The zipper has a big loop making it easy to access with gloves on.  I chose red so I would be less likely to forget it trail-side and they didn't have pink (Mrs. CB2 is starting to wonder about me and all the pink).

So if you need a place for you tül, Backcountry Research has you cover (or at least your tül covered).


Syl said...

Good review. I've been contemplating something like this too. How much to you fit in your "murse" Could you post a pic of the items you keep in it next to it, so we can better judge the size?

phoenix dui lawyer said...

This may be necessary for camping, maybe hiking too.