Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday Night Ass Kickin'

Last night was the 3rd of 4 training races at the Rocky Hill dog park.  1st one was rained out, last week I had something going on, but this and possibly next week were open.
Get there plenty early and the course is set up and people have been riding it for awhile.  See some familiar faces, register and do some laps.
Based on internet snooping, and my results last year, I'm figuring on a mid-pack finish, and am very tranquillo.
The starter is talking to us, telling us how she's going to keep us out on the course as long as possible, which I assume is being determined by nightfall.  Then all of a sudden she says "go" with little enthusiasm.
In the beginning I'm doing okay.  I pass Bill T and I'm holding my own fairly well.  But I guess I was just blocking the flow, because soon after Bill and a bunch of friends pass me en mass.
Rider by rider I'm falling back until I settle into the battle at the back.  Unfortunately it wasn't a party at the back.
The order in my group is largely being determined by who crashes when as the damp grass is getting greasier and greasier every lap.
The Art Roti is riding in the group in front of me, or in no man's land for most of the race.  He is my carrot, because what is more fun than beating your friends?
Through the start / finish they yell 3 more.  3 more?  Are you kidding me?  I was hoping for the bell.
But it gives me more time to catch Art.
Each lap I'm getting a little closer.  A guy from Berlin Bike in my group who is bunny hopping the barrier on the dirt run-up, which was awesome, passes me.  I don't care, as long as I get up to The Art Roti.
Finally, on the last lap I get up to him.  I'm planning my pass, how I'm going to power around him on the next climb...when I wrap my bars in the tape.
I finished way at the back in 20th place of the A race.  I have some excuses I could throw out but that's kind of lame; my major observation was there were much better bike drivers out there.  I was the slow one in the corners.
I'll need to work on that if I want to do better...or I could just ride my mountain bike (in races or not).


Hill Junkie said...

Cross definitely requires a skill set you don't automatically get from racing road or mountain bikes. Quite humbling actually. Practice is needed to gain competence in cross. I can't quite make myself commit to more involvement in the discipline. I like to use this time of year to wind down focus on cycling and start thinking about other things, like XC skiing.

Swifty said...

Nice Making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Charlie -- it was fun seeing you there. I crashed twice that night on the greasy grass corners. My moutain bike rear wheel has a bunch of corroded nipples but it is not back in a semblence of serviceability (thanks Cedric)so I look forward to being schooled on the mountain bike this fall/winter.

Bill T