Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday on my ride into work, some douche on a Japanese Harley pulled up around me and the car in front of me at a light.  I think he might have known the person in the car.  He was revving and blipping his throttle.  Dude, it's a Japanese bike with electronic ignition it ain't gonna stall!

The light changes and he's off in a fury of sound.

What struck me was as I started to go I was passed by a BMW like this one:

It was so quiet, I had no idea it was even there.

In the afternoon, I was passed by 3 couples riding BMW touring bikes. Some of the most attractive and friendly women I've ever seen on the back of a bike.
Just saying...

In other exciting commuter developments, I've noticed 3 pesky lights have been magically changing for me.  Usually if the are red, the stay red.  All I can figure is now that it is truly dark on my morning commute they have some sort of light sensitive motion detector that my headlight is triggering.
I like it.


Alby King said...

Hoo boy... Don't get me started. "Just sayin" doesn't begin to cover it. I grew up with alot of motorcycles - including several marques the Harley boyz bow to - not that it really matters..

None of them required excess noise to be commandeered with respect, skill or safety.

Mookie said...

Em's Dad has a BMW. Whisper quiet.