Monday, April 18, 2011

WT Fat Tire Classic 2011

First off, did anyone figure out the theme of the songs?  Did anyone realize there was a theme to figure out?

I'm a stalker.  When I sign up for a race I check all my competition's resumes to see just what I'm up against.
Things looked bleak.
Daniel Barry, the winner of KoB was registered (didn't he get the memo the Cat1 SS is the other Cat1 40-49?).
Cyclocross badasses Chris Borrello, Todd Bowden,  and Jeff Molongoski were registered.
Triple gulp!
I love Winding Trails but it isn't one of my stronger races, with such stiff competition it was going to be hard and fast (that's what she said!).

Being so close to home, I decided to pack a back pack and ride over.  Good way to warm up, and I just thought it would be nifty to do; how often do you get the opportunity to ride to a race?
First Root 66 race of the year is like a family reunion.  All the people you raced with for 7 months and have had minimal contact with since all come together to share something they love.

We line up and I'm just freezing.  I'm wearing my super suit, which is long sleeved, but the wind is blowing and I can't wait for the whistle.  At the last minute they decide the singlespeeders should be lined up in front of the 19-29 y/os and 40-49 y/os, which puts me now in the second row (this blows, but over the course of 4 laps really has little effect).

The whistle blows and I'm off in like 8th or 9th wheel.  They added a new bit of singletrack  right in the beginning that slows things down.  I feel like I'm riding with a governor on.  Although at the moment this is frustrating, is probably for the better so I don't blow up.

We get to some double track and I pass Jake, and Emile as we turn back into the woods.  I'm behind Kerry and a guy on a Superfly.  Superfly Guy bobbles on a log and Kerry gets around him.  I pass him and Kerry on the climb to the bikepath, which puts Kerry in his favorite position; on my wheel waiting for me to make a mistake.

The cyclocross allstars are still insight, but unless they have a mechanical, or implode at the 1 hour mark, I doubt I can pull them back.
Kerry and I are starting to reel in riders from the group in front of us.  I call out on "on your left" to one fellow and he gets ticked off  shouting "I know!".  He gives Kerry the evil eye as he passes.

Then it gets quiet.  I look behind me.
No Kerry.
As I come back out to the road he's walking with the sidewall torn out of his front tire.

From there it's all over but the shouting.
As fast men from the 40-49 catch me I latch on as long as I can to try and keep my pace up, and use guys from the 30-39 group as carrots, but I don't see another rider in front or back from the SS class until the end.

My laps were pretty consistent.  Lap 1 was the fastest @ 23:23, lap 4 was the slowest @ 24:55.  2 and 3 were in between.  4 could have been faster, but I try to be polite when I begin lapping the women.  They start last, and as everyone else is finishing up they still have a lap to do.  No point in being a dick about passing when nothing is on the line.

My mom and sister came out to watch. Although I'm in my extra special skin suit, the only rider in one, that has Singular plastered all over it, my mother can't distinguish me from any other racer and assigned my sister the task of looking for my number.  We didn't stay for the awards (sorry!  I usually do stick around), because were having dinner at my house and they still had to drive back to the shore.
I did peek over Jill's shoulder to look at the "unofficial" results before I left.
If this was a UCI race that would be the last step of the podium.  Heck if it was just a few years ago Root 66 used to go 5 deep (you know, before the "recession").
I "think" I was the top rider from CT.
When results are posted I'll have to do some further stalking to confirm this.

I heart opening day.


TJ said...

Good race, and nice report. Glad the whole radio silence thing is done with. Not sure how you remember so many details from the race..was all just a blur between laps 1&4 for me.

Raineman said...

Hi CB. Same time, different category... good for 3rd in ex 50+.
Maybe next time we can sprint for a finish.

Alby King said...

Nice job. I loved the steepish climb towards the end - was that always there?

Did not make the connection with all the songs - just the obvious ones.

CB2 said...

TJ-Maybe if I was concentrating more on racing and less on details I would have been faster than Raineman (probably not).
But really other than a crappy start from the second row, and making a couple of passes in the first mile or so not too many details to remember.

Alby-that climb used to start down at the fireroad so it was about 1/3 longer. It was doable on the SS if there wasn't traffic.