Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reason 2b why I heart singlespeeds


After 30 seconds with a hose:

All that's left is towel dry and lube the chain (if it's even necessary).

Went to Mrs. CB2's 97 y/o aunt's funeral today.  Wonderful woman who lit up any room she entered right up to the end.
I was brought up Catholic, and force my children to go to church (when there isn't a race or a really cool ride that weekend), but never really bought into the whole hocus pocus men with long white beards floating on clouds thing.
If there was such a place Mickey got to the gates at 5:42 PM

and was served her first Highball at 6:00 PM

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Fort James said...

After having just put on a new chain, chainrings, and cassette, SS seems so much nicer. When that stuff gets worn out on a SS (and it does), it is so much less expensive to replace.