Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter of Intent

I'm excited, because much like Navin, I have a special purpose; Singlespeed Champion of Connecticut.

This season was lacking direction. My self-imposed regulations were precluding me from competing in any one series overall. But now with the announcement of a CT Championship Mini Series, I have found my special purpose.
Since I'm not competing for the overall in any particular series, I can  satisfy my masochistic side letting the fast old geezers beat me up, wrecking me for weeks at a time in the Cat1 40-49, but first see about doing well in a couple of  races in the Cat1 SS.

Some of you out of State mofos might be saying to yourselves Champion of CT, such a small State, big deal, who cares?
Small State indeed!


Ben said...

I wouldnt associate yourself too much with that team. They was a ton of losing going on by both teams in that game last night, and it wasnt the better team winning; it was more of a case of the worse team losing.

that said, I think champion of any state in anything is awesome. I had never been a state or regional champion of anything until last year when my tri club won its division.

CB2 said...

Winning isn't always pretty; just ask Charlie Sheen.
I'm not a huge basketball fan (read at all), but the Huskies have had quite an arduous season. At the end of the day bad luck and circumstance doesn't matter, the final score does.

Fort James said...

Excellent! That is an honorable goal,and title, for sure.