Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday Morning Quarterback

The theme of the songs was mountain bike racing and the upcoming weekend.

I felt great today.
I should feel wrecked.
Was it the 45 minute spin home after the race?  Did I not go hard enough?  Did I get in touch with my feminine side in my gear selection?  Am I just behind on volume?

I tried to be scientific with my selections, but maybe I didn't take into account a few variables.
My first test at WT I rode rigid with a 34x18 gear.
My second test was the same gear, but with a suspension fork.
My third test was with the suspension fork, but a 33x18.

Second test was faster than first and third was faster than second.

The variables that I neglected to consider were the first test was after work on a Saturday (tired), trail conditions, and familiarity with the course.
I was quite surprised that the third test was faster than the second because it felt slow.  Maybe my lines were just getting dialed in and the trails were in that much better condition?

 I'm only behind last year by about 10% in volume but it feels like more.

Now if only they'd post the results so I can really get my OCD on.

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eastwood said...

I hear ya! When do they get the results up online?