Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Official" Victory!

It seems the "official" results have me finishing over 2 minutes faster than Raineman.

Now I'm pretty sure I was riding my bicycle for an additional two minutes, but the 15 minute protest window is shut, so I'll just have to live with sweet "official" Victory!

Congratulations to Scott Levreault on his impressive legitimate victory.  He didn't pre-register, and to be honest if he had, he probably would have slipped under my stalker radar.
Chapeau my friend.
I hope the next time we meet I'm a more worthy adversary.


Mookie said...

Yeah, I saw that your finishing time didn't coincide with your Strava data. I guess you beat me too.

dougyfresh said...

Karl was racing (2nd pic)? I'll have to chat with him tomorrow about it.

Anonymous said...

Scooter is a monster from way back. He stopped racing a while ago with new raising his family. If he comes back at 75 % of his old self he'll crush.