Thursday, September 23, 2010

There will be blood

When the lead singer and primary song writer of the pivotal 80's band, The Jet Planes, calls and asks if you're doing the Crossin' 4 Canine CX race, what are you supposed to say?
Sorry my race season ended two weeks ago? I've never raced cross before? I don't have a cross bike? I really should be working?
Such silly insignificant excuses will not suffice.
All one can do is affirm the request.
I'll be racing my Singular Swift singlespeed, complete with flat bar and bell. I'll be running the largest gear I can accommodate without shortening my chain, if I've got time, I might even slap on the skinniest 29'er tires I've got.
It ain't gonna be pretty...
(at least my bike is)

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