Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I thought the ghettoness would show up better in this picture

It worked it worked!
Last year I spent way too much time trying to get cross tires to work with my rims tubeless.
Today I spent too much time as well, but I found success!
Well 50% success.
I used the "ghetto method" of splitting a 24" tube down the center on the rim, putting the tire on with the tube flaps hanging out, and airing it up.
My rear sealed up like a champ (read what you want into that).
The front, not so much.
My front rim is slightly wider and maybe a little deeper and just wouldn't go. I had a narrower tighter rim lying around the shop, so I gave that a shot.
Getting the tire on was quite a chore; it was so tight I couldn't get the tube flaps out from under the tire bead. But I chanced airing it up anyways...and it sealed...and then all the air came out of a hole in the side wall.
At that I was low on time, sealant, and thumbs, so I left it there.
It's just a matter of building up that rim bed and having ample sealant on hand and we've got tubeless cross wheels.
Wondering why I didn't just do it on my Stan's Crest rimmed disc brake wheels?
More on that later...

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