Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Smart man.

Smart car.
Not smart mid ride snack!

I planned a special TdF tribute ride, with a decent amount of climbing and New England's version of cobbles, dirt roads. But Mr. tough guy "geared bikes are boring" wasn't going to be riding it fixed, because his fixed gear was creaking, and he was too lazy to fix it Friday night.

Problem was within 20 minutes of starting the ride I was already feeling hunger pangs, so I quickly downed my first Cliff Bar.

When I reached Milo Coe Rd., I began feeling dejected as the tarmac was looking awfully fresh. Did they pave this rustic gem? I ate my second and Last Cliff Bar and continued on disappointed that they had "improved" the road.

Fortunately the good people of Massachusetts felt things were fine how they were, and left well enough alone.

To celebrate, and ensure I made it home I stopped at the Granville Country Store. Of all the food to choose from, I chose a cheese danish.
Now after the ride, with a cup of coffee, it would have been perfect, but I still had 30 miles to ride, and all that fat and sugar wasn't quite happy with it's new home.

Lesson learned.

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