Monday, July 26, 2010


On Saturday I got a decent ride in on my Singular. It was great to be riding w/o a suspension fork, and with enough pedal clearance after a week without.
But Sunday I had an equally great road ride.
I think I can start racing again, but that would probably cancel out doing any longer road rides until September.
As I was riding yesterday I was thinking instead of driving for 4 hours to race 2, I was riding for 4 hours.
In New England, we are somewhat spoiled with the proximity of races, and I should appreciate that in other areas people have to drive much farther to race, but after 8 weeks off the circuit the driving time is seeming daunting.


Mookie said...

You doing the ToLH?

CB2 said...

There in lies the dilemma; ToLH is the same day as Hodges Village Dam(n), and I was born in Holyoke.