Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MDC Meeting

Last night was the public hearing about the access issue at the MDC West Hartford Reservoir. I guess it wasn't really a hearing but a meeting where the public could give there feelings on the possible closing of MDC land to the public over liability issues.

Great turnout, the auditorium was overflowing, and the MDC commissioners seemed receptive. Local politicians also spoke and showed there support and willingness to change legislation to help protect the MDC from frivolous lawsuits.

One point that probably struck the MDC commissioners was that it will probably be more expensive to try and police a closure than any additional insurance cost of leaving it open to the public. But either way, since the MDC is a nonprofit any additional costs will be passed on to the consumers who have no choice but to buy water from the MDC.

I didn't speak, because I felt all my comments for the MDC had been covered (not a fan of redundancy). My favorite comment was from an older woman who felt Blonski, the "mountain biker" who hit the gate and won 2.9 million in the suit against the MDC, owes the MDC a written apology, and should pay for any damage she did to the gate.

If I did speak it would be more directed to my elected West Hartford officials. We moved here for the schools, services, and the reservoir. We have 3 kids, all who have been in the West Hartford school system. That costs way more tax dollars than we pay. Without the reservoir, I don't have much incentive to stick around for the town to re-coop their money, as the services have also dwindled since we first moved here. Although I'm walking distance to Blue Back and the center, being able to ride to the trails is the real allure of my location.

I took more pictures much to Kim's and the young man sitting next to me chagrin, but they didn't come out very well due to the darkness of the auditorium, and the suckiness of my camera.

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