Thursday, July 15, 2010

Castle Craig

I wasn't entirely sure on my gear selection for Saturday, so I headed over to Castle Craig to do some hill repeats to see what's up.
My day had not been going too well up to that point.
I was having one of those I hate my job kind of days. Sticky polymers spilling. Spray system clogging. Paying taxes. Good stuff.
Because I had a little hill climby gear on my bike I drove over to the side of Hubbard Park. I left my helmet, gloves and glasses at the shop.
Interestingly, I ran into two other cyclists. A racer from Central Wheel and a guy kitted out in Livestrong apparel. The racer was friendly as can be and did a half-o-hill repeat with me (he had already done 2, and had had enough). The Livestrong guy looked at me as if I had two heads; two heads not wearing helmets.
The climbing was going pretty well; the hill is about 9% over 1.27 miles and the gear felt pretty easy. I easily stayed in the saddle with it. But I could pop out of it and spin up a little speed if needed. Hopefully that will translate well for the 12% of Ascutney.
After my second descent I stopped and adjusted my front brake as it was feeling pretty soft. After my third it was smoking and the lever was going to the bar.
I was hoping to do 5 or 6 climbs, but after the day I was having, and the lack of a helmet, I decided to end it at 4.
We'll see how it works out Saturday.

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